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new new new gOOdies!

November 6th, 2011

i’ve been sewing my little fingers to the bone these days.  :)  so many new things in all 3 of my etsy shops & a lot of things i have listed have sold right away. These goodies can be found at Crude Things on Etsy (clothing & wigs), Black Lodge Jewelry on etsy (jewelry, headbands, headdresses) Crude Art on etsy (art dolls & Holiday head ornaments)

here’s a little peek at some of the treats that are new in my shop!

Cosplay Wig Antlers light Pink & Blue

Cosplay Wig Antlers light Pink Blue spiral Curls long Victorian Hair Gothic Lolita Hairstyle Headpiece Headbands
(model Twigglet)

Lolita Circle Skirt.

Lolita Circle Skirt. Victorian Princess bright colors pink blue Patchwork Ruffles round full Mini twirl spin dance Tutu Gothic Lolita

Gypsy Belly Dance Couture Skirt, Hooded Cape, & Antler Headdress

RESERVED for jacooper11 Gypsy Couture Skirt ruffly Belly Dance vintage cream white Upcycle full Feminine romantic Eco friendly
(model Glass Olivia)

Shredded Shirt blouse & Braided Boho Headband

Shredded Shirt blouse Pale Blue drippy long hanging draped loose slouchy soft Eco friendly asymmetrical New Wave

Gypsy Fortune Teller Necklace

Gypsy Necklace Fortune Teller large chunky beaded cabochon black blood ruby red Crystals gaudy flashy Strange unique Glamourous Fashion

Magic Feather Necklace- Acorn, Bone…

Magic Feather Necklace Acorn Bone Charms earth Goddess delicate dangle chains Magical Pendants Gypsy Native Spells indian inspired OOAK

Boho Feather Headband braided hair

Boho Feather Headband braided hair hippy Bohemian Love Child chocolate brown reddish hair hairpiece free spirit braid headdress 70's
(model Twigglet)

Gothic Art Doll

Gothic Art Doll creepy plush Sad Carnival Bat Figure Puppet tears Angel Wings Yellow upside down Cross Dark Fairytale

Day of the Dead Dolls

Doll Day of the Dead skull face strange Gothic ornament toy black vinyl plush hanging creepy Figure Dark Fairytale

Lulu & Gustov Carnival Clown Dolls

Carnival Clown Doll punk rock Guardian Angel art puppet plush strange stripe Pirate leggings white wings Circus Marionette Ragdoll

Gothic Christmas Ornaments!

Gothic Christmas Ornament Vampire Art Doll Head creepy Gothic Wimpering Willy Holiday Tree decoration OOAKGothic Christmas Ornament Art Doll Head Matilda creepy deathrock Robert Smith Strange Victorian Steampunk  Holiday Tree decoration OOAKGothic Holiday Ornament Zombie Art Doll Head creepy Victorian punk rock Zed Christmas Tree decoration OOAKCarnival Holliday Ornament creepy punk rock Art Doll Head Zany Zane home decor wall art Christmas Tree decoration red hair mohawk OOAKPunk Rock Ornament Art Doll Head Sourpuss Penny home decor wall art Gothic Christmas Tree decoration sad face red hair  OOAKGothic Holiday Ornament Art Doll Head Sassy Susan Strange home decor wall art Neo Vistorian Steampunk Tree decoration OOAKChristmas Ornament strange Pouty face cute Bear Art Doll Head home decor wall art Tree decoration OOAK